Why Us?

Why Us?

07/12/2020 3:05:48 PM | 963

- Quality: Customer can feel the best quality floors are optimized with German technology in our products. Eco floor can be durable almost up to 15 years or over. We say no to “Recycled Materials” in our production.

- Design: Nature wooden designs from Eco floor can steal your hearts.

- Price: We provide reasonable price to let more people to enjoy better floors.

- Eco-friendliness: Walk on our floors – walk on green. 

Noise Barrier

Today's modern technology uses premium liners that meet the most demanding requirements for indoor sound insulation and footsteps.


Robust sealed floor lock ensures stable expansion and anti-warping, almost absolute waterproof


Wood imitation flooring possesses many highlights, including good fire resistance, making plastic a material of choice and favor.

Environment Protection

Using laminate flooring is also a way to protect the health and improve the living environment of your family.

Colors as diverse

Wood flooring has a variety of colors, natural grainy wood, suitable for many interior styles, creating a luxurious beauty.

Bearing strong impact

The outstanding feature of the wooden imitation plastic floor is the strong impact force> 850kg / cm2